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3 min readApr 30, 2023

With the Sui Blockchain set to launch on May 3rd, 2023 users need to be prepared to interact and manage their assets with wallets that are compatible with the new chain. Sui Wallet, one of the first wallet solutions founded in the Sui ecosystem, is a very simple, easy to use solution that helps you manage your assets. In today’s guide, we’ll be explaining step by step how to setup your Sui Wallet so you can take advantage of the limited edition Final Stardust avatar launch!

Setting up your Sui Wallet:

  1. Add the Sui Wallet Browser Extension to your browser

This will open the Sui Wallet browser extension tool and you will see this screen:

2. Click on “Get Started”

You’ll now have the option to choose to create a new wallet or import and existing one. In todays exercise we are focusing on setting up a new wallet. If you already have one you can visit to learn how to import an existing wallet.

3. Click “Create a New Wallet”

4. Create a secure password, agree to the terms of service, and click “Create Wallet”

Your wallet has now been created and you should see your 12 word recovery phrase.

5. Copy and paste this recovery phrase into a secure folder or password manager (You may also write it down to store in a secure location)

(Helpful Tip: Never give out your recovery phrase to anyone you don’t trust! This is your last resort if you ever have to restore or backup your account)

6. After you have copied your recovery phrase, click the box, “I saved my recovery phrase” and click “Open Sui Wallet”

Congratulations, you have successfully setup your Sui Wallet! Now lets copy that new address so we can sign up for the limited edition Final Stardust avatar whitelist. All you need to do is locate the wallet address at the top of the wallet and simply click on the address to copy it to your clipboard.

Signing up for Final Stardust Avatar Whitelist:

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down to the “Limited Edition Avatars” section

3. Click on “Register Now”

4. Fill out the Google form and submit

5. You are now on the Final Stardust Whitelist!

There are only 2,000 available spots so don’t miss your chance at getting a limited edition avatar! For more information and updates around Final Stardust you can follow us on our socials or join the Discord community to get access to early news, sneak peaks, and more!






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