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Final Stardust
3 min readMay 1, 2023


Final Stardust is not only a game but is expanding to become an entire franchise with 3 game installments, a manga, and even an anime on the horizon. The creator, Nour Saidana has been working on Final Stardust since 2020 and with the first installment of Cosmic Nexus on its way, let’s take a deep dive into how to get started!

The first thing you’ll need to do is make sure you have a wallet that is compatible with the Sui blockchain. We recommend using our preferred wallet solution and partner, Ethos Wallet, to get the best experience for managing your in-game assets. Leading the charge in smart wallet technology, Ethos Wallet aims to bring more social features that allow users to discover new games, apps, and NFTs on Sui. You can check out this guide to learn more about Ethos Wallet and how to set up a new account.

Another compatible wallet we recommend is Sui Wallet, one of the first wallet solutions founded in the Sui ecosystem. With Sui Wallet you’ll get a very simple, easy to use solution to manage your assets and ensure your ability to participate in the first ever Final Stardust avatar mint! Check out this guide from to learn more about Sui Wallet and how to set up a new account.

Now that you have your Sui compatible wallet, lets look into using this wallet to gain access into the exclusive limited edition mint. All you need to do to be eligible is register on the Final Stardust website.

Go to and scroll down to the registration section and click the button that says, “Register Now”. This will bring up a Google form for you to enter in your email address and Sui compatible wallet. You have your Sui compatible wallet, now you just need to paste it in, add your email, and now you are on the list for a chance to get a limited edition Final Stardust skin on launch day!

Time for some sneak peaks to get you all excited about the launch of Final Stardust!

Teaser Video:

Trailer Video:

Game Play (Beta)

Alright, you’ve registered to get your limited edition item and you’ve seen a couple sneak peeks, now its time for you to join the Final Stardust community on Discord to get the full experience!

With all Discords, Final Stardust comes full of community events, latest news, and sneak peaks but we also offer a gamified engagement experience through quests from Make yourself known to the community by reaching the top of the Final Stardust leaderboard by completing quests found on the official questboard! Some examples of quests are engaging on Final Stardust content, visiting important links, singing up for things, and participating in community events.

Getting started with Final Stardust is easy, but it’s just the beginning of your journey. So what are you waiting for? Join us and experience an adventure through the Final Stardust universe!






Final Stardust

Final Stardust is an anime franchise started by Nour Saidana with 3 game installments, a manga, and an anime series on the way! Follow to learn more!