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5 min readMay 16, 2023

With the launch of the Sui blockchain on May 3rd, 2023, Final Stardust has been working hard behind the scenes to create the best gamified minting experience by leveraging Sui’s composable NFT technology and partnering with Mysten labs and Comet Labs to ensure a successful launch. There are two ways players can gain access to minting a limited edition avatar and its broken down in two phases. In this blog we’ll explain how the mint experience will work and the process that goes along with each phase.

Phase #1: Final Stardust Profire Mint on — May 18th, 2023

On May 18th, 2023 Final Stardust will be launching 500 PFPs called Profires for 30 Sui tokens on that will grant access to play the Cosmic Nexus demo and allow players to mint a limited edition avatar on May 25th, 2023. On launch day players will be able to purchase their Final Stardust Profire and immediately gain access to the Cosmic Nexus demo. Players will then be able to redeem their limited edition avatar through a gamified minting experience on the Final Stardust mint page. With the launch of the Profires comes 3 different rarities:

  • Basic Profires
  • Gold Profires
  • Platinum Profires

There is no whitelist for the Profire collection and it will be a “first come first serve” mint starting at 1PM UTC on Once the Profire is minted, players will then go to the Final Stardust demo page where they can connect their Sui compatible wallet to play the demo of Cosmic Nexus. There are 3 different wallets that will be supported for launch:

Ethos Wallet

Elli Wallet

  • Mobile: IOS and Android
  • Desktop: Chrome, Brave

Sui Wallet

  • Mobile: Not Supported
  • Desktop: Chrome, Brave

Now lets take a look at the next phase of the Final Stardust avatar mint!

Phase #2: Final Stardust Avatar Mint — TBD

The next phase of Final Stardust avatars are set to launch soon after the PFP mint where players will create their identity and begin their journey in the world of Final Stardust. The players who minted a PFP on May 18th will be able to redeem a limited edition avatar that comes with a special skin and gives players access to all 3 installments of Final Stardust. There will also be an additional 1,500 limited edition avatars available for those who were unable to mint the PFP, totaling 2,000. Once sold out there will be an unlimited supply of standard edition avatars for players to purchase that will give them the base skin and grant them access to the first installment, Cosmic Nexus. The sale of the limited edition avatars will be broken into two phases, the whitelist mint and the public mint. The players who signed up for the whitelist will get to mint an avatar before it becomes open to the public.

Limited Edition Avatar:

Supply: 2,000 Available


  • 30 Sui Tokens
  • FREE for PFP owners

Benefits and Utility:

  • Special Edition Skin
  • Access to Cosmic Nexus
  • Access to Astral Link
  • Access to Deviant Destiny
Limited Edition Avatar — Male
Limited Edition Avatar — Female

Standard Edition Avatar:

Supply: Unlimited


  • 20 Sui Tokens

Benefits & Utility

  • Base Skin
  • Access to Cosmic Nexus
Standard Edition Avatar — Male
Standard Edition Avatar — Female

The launch of Final Stardust avatars also brings a whole new minting experience. Instead of minting on a typical landing page, users will connect their wallet to the game and go through a character creation module to choose their attributes and mint their avatars in real time. Each skin piece and accessory acts as its own NFT and in the coming months players will be able to swap, edit, and remove them as they like. Let’s take a deeper dive into how this gamified minting experience works.

Gamified Mint Experience:

1. Connecting to the game

On mint day, players will be able to connect their compatible wallet to the game on the mint page. This will automatically start the game and the user will go through the opening scenes and land on the main menu where they can start the game by clicking “Try Now”

2. Avatar Creation

After a brief dialog with the main character Mephisto, players will be presented with the avatar creation window. This is where players will customize and create their Final Stardust avatar by choosing the following characteristics:

  • Gender
  • Catchphrase
  • Skin Tone
  • Name

Once players have chosen their desired attributes, they will confirm their creation and the avatar will be minted right there within the game! There will also be an option to create additional avatars after the first one has been successfully minted.

3. Play the Cosmic Nexus Demo

After an avatar has been created the player will have the option to start the game where they will choose their element and obtain a starter deck. There are 4 main elements in Final stardust that players may choose to master:

  • Jupiter — Based on the powers of wind and lighting
  • Mars — Revolves around control of fire, heat and lava
  • Venus — Revolves around manipulation of nature
  • Mercury — Concerns the control of water and ice

From here, players will now start their journey and play the demo of Cosmic Nexus where they can practice battling against NPCs and start learning the details and mechanics of the game. Here’s a little teaser video showcasing the gamified minting experience:

The launch is almost here so make sure you have one of the wallets mentioned above with enough Sui tokens to purchase an avatar and if you haven’t set up a wallet yet, check out our guide on getting started in Final Stardust. You can also stay up to date and get the latest news around Final Stardust by joining the community and following our socials. Get ready to experience the first ever gamified minting experience on the Sui network!






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